Creating new content is the key to maintaining a vibrant, attractive website. Sure there’s plenty of daily content creation, but the real pros dig deep to add a fresh perspective, providing a unique, valuable experience that attracts readers and drives growth.

Subscribers are key driver of website growth. Keep updates focused on providing the fresh information your readers want to interact with. They’ll get hooked on your superior command of your niche and become subscribers.

Lessons From the Blogosphere

The cream of the blogging community knows how to keep their target audience interested over time. Along with providing carefully crafted content to readers, they develop layout and design for their blogs that pulls the reader in. Blog host sites WordPress and Blogger provide templates for site layout, and also allow for professional web designers to create layouts hosted by their services.

Readers respond to functionality as well as good layout and design, so be sure everything works before going live with a new design. Solicit feedback from readers about both content and design to help you improve your site.

Engage and Interact with Readership

Developing engaging content is all about those telling, specific details. For example, a product review can excite reader interest by laying out the good, the bad and the ugly about a product. Similarly, testimonials or anecdotes from regular folks give informal warmth and appeal to your blog that people relate to.

Throw in some great photos. Go for high-contrast, colorful photos with a strong composition. Ask for permission and credit the source if they are not your photos. Use infographics combining text and graphical formats to reinforce the written word.

Nothing backs up your point like a well-planned and professionally executed video, giving readers a chance to interact via an exchange of comments.

Know Your Reader and Create Content Accordingly

Aim your website at a well-defined niche and serve your readers enticing content. The reader develops a taste for the unique experience you provide and becomes a subscriber, in turn pumping up your numbers and rankings with search engines. Look at your keyword and linking metrics for feedback on your content creation strategy and make adjustments as needed. Consistent unique, original content is central to making your site an authority in your niche.

Know Your Methodology Inside Out

Conduct market research with readers on user preferences and create a marketing plan tailored to these preferences. Try out test sites based on the market research to get feedback on your marketing plan, or indeed on any brand redesign. Which test sites deliver in terms of conversion?

Solicit content from readers and customers in the form of user reviews. This invites your reader community inside and builds trust, leading to recommendations and new subscribers.

A brand ambassador gives referrals for your site. This is marketing worth its weight in gold, as consumers understand that it’s not paid for. Develop brand ambassadors by delivering value and a memorable experience.

Reap the Rewards of Great Content

Developing engaging content takes enduring commitment over time. Combine market research with the creative process to serve up sparkling gems to your target audience. You will reap rewards both in terms of increased traffic and revenue. Readers will take notice, subscribe, come back for more and share with their friends.