Model Compassionate Behavior

Cultivating compassion and empathy with your readers turns out to be really good business. Invite readers to join your community of like-minded people interested in your niche. Keep an eye towards building lasting relationships. Demonstrate a genuine interest in your readers concerns through the content you create for them and your interaction with them. In turn, your readership will respond in kind in their interaction with you.

An Open Door Policy

Put across to your audience that they can communicate with you about what’s on their mind without being judged. Validate the idea that their concerns are legitimate—no need to be shy, they can speak their mind in communication with you. Create an email dedicated to reader response, or a feedback page soliciting input. Make it easy for readers to post their comments following your posts.


While it could be ruinous to be financially generous with your audience, it’s well worthwhile to be generous with your time. For example, you can create content, tools or apps that your readership can download for free. It’s a win-win situation, as they receive useful information and you build your reputation as both an authority in your market as well as a generous person.

Additionally, you can help people by responding to them personally.

Budget Time for Your Readers

Both parties in any successful relationship must invest time for it to blossom into a deep, trusting connection. Build time into your calendar to write back or even talk to readers. Such accessibility will genuinely touch people, and they will refer you to others. Design your contact page so that it’s easy for readers to let you know what they are thinking about your site and their concerns about your niche.

Show Your True Self

Take a leap and open up to your readers, showing them the real you. Your content then rings true loud and clear, an unbeatable and riveting content strategy. Readers will respond in turn by being honest and open with you, laying the groundwork for productive communication that strengthens bonds across your readership community.

Cultivate Offline Relationships

Extend your relationships with your readership community offline. Attend conferences, trade shows and meet-ups. Get to know a cross section of your readers and listen to and converse with them. You’ll enhance the trust and connection you’ve built with your content strategy and indeed you will grow in unanticipated directions yourself.

Let’s face it, starting at a screen is no substitute for a face-to-face encounter.

Be True to Your Word

Follow through on your promises and commitments. It’s critical to building deep connections and trust that your word is your bond. If you back down on your promises, you lose credibility.

Creating a deep and satisfying relationship with your readers is a process. As you plan your content marketing strategies, keep in mind these tips for connecting with your audience and the results will take care of themselves.