Finding the right agency to launch your online advertising campaign is vital. To separate the good agencies from the bad, it’s important to know what to look for when working with them.

To begin, it’s important the agency takes the time to learn more about the specific needs of your company. From there they can work with you to devise an advertising strategy that maximizes impact. Furthermore, the agency will help you understand each part of the process so you know specifically what to expect from them and you can gauge just how successful the campaign will be.

Onboarding Process

Each agency does onboarding a bit differently. As a business, it’s important you understand the action steps done during the onboarding process that way you can see whether the agency is following through on the promises they made to you. This is a critical time in which the agency and your company learn more about each other and work together to help your organization achieve its goals.  Since the agency will use your company’s information to shape a paid search strategy it’s important they ask specific questions of your business such as its selling points, competitors, target market and marketing challenges. If the agency does not ask specific questions regarding your business, it should draw a red flag for you since they need this information to shape strategy.

Along with learning more about your business, this is an excellent time for the agency to give you points of contact. The best way to go about this is to designate one person from your company to speak with one from the agency, as this simplifies the communication channel.

In addition, since this is a pivotal time, it’s important that your company puts in the effort as well. The more proactive you are with working with the agency, the more they’ll be able to understand your needs. Moreover, this added effort could increase your return on investment.

Set a Purpose

The best way to measure the progress of your online advertising program is to start with its purpose. What are you hoping to achieve by using this? By establishing purpose first, it’s easier to measure growth since you are examining the campaign to see if it achieves its purpose.

From there the agency will work with you to help you measure other items such as website traffic. In many instances, this will include them checking to see if you have Google Analytics on your page and if so if it’s accurately tracking your website. They will also work with you to help you build effective landing pages that entice the reader to action.

Working with the Agency to Build Program

Typically, most agencies will start from scratch when building an advertising campaign; therefore it’s important that your business is willing to adapt to the changes and institute any recommendations given. Once they design the ads, the agency will give them to you for final approval.

What to Expect at Launch

A good agency will give you things to expect when your ad campaign goes live. They will also work diligently by monitoring your account to ensure everything runs smoothly. If they notice issues, they should bring them to your attention immediately with action steps to correct them.

Ultimately, these examples give you an idea of what a good agency does. By working together and communicating openly, the paid search provider understands your business more and you can know what to expect. This will lead to a smoother transition and a better return on your investment.