Local SEO concerns a company’s place on Google relative to its competitors. To illustrate, say you were looking for a local plumber. When you search for a plumber, Google will recognize your location then compile results based on your location and search. You can also achieve the same results by typing in “plumber and your location.”

Once Google receives your information, it sends local results. These results show the top listings (in this case plumbers) with a Google map pin, which allows you to find where the place is. Along with this, Google will also provide basic information about the companies such as their names, phone numbers, addresses, website, hours of operation and a link to Google reviews –if there are any.

Moreover, Google will give the most reputable three to four businesses excellent placement on the search results page. The goal for any business is to be one of the three to four that come up, since it will give you more visibility with prospective customers.

Will My Business Need to Work on Local SEO?

If you have a physical location, where a customer would need to come to you for goods and services, then yes. However, if you are an online business, then no you would not need to work on local SEO.

How Do Local and Organic SEO Differ?

While both work to help the company receive a higher placement during search results, but they go about it differently. Here are a few examples:

  • In organic SEO, content reigns supreme, so a company leveraging this approach would focus more on its website. Meanwhile, local SEO concerns a company’s basic information, which comes from Google in the My Business listing.
  • Credibility is another area where these two differ in that organic SEO uses the process of building backlinks –where other websites link to the company’s one. Conversely, in local SEO, citations, which are when your company receives mentions in areas like business listings, are the main influencers.
  • It’s important to note reputation is a huge factor that influences your ranking. If you receive many favorable customer reviews, it can increase your company’s reputation in the eyes of Google, and elevate your standing in the local search results.