You feel encouraged when your social media posts are shared, as this implied endorsement builds traffic and sends readers your way. But, did you know that social media content dead and buried if it fails to get shared? Sharing sparks virality, improve SEO and points to engaged users.

Look at Facebook, where shares trump “likes” as the desired performance metric. Here’s a few tips for creating sharable posts and ongoing campaigns on the leading social media site.

Focus on mobile accessibility with content strategy.

About 70 percent of Facebook traffic arrives via mobile devices. Therefore it’s critical to create and optimize content for the mobile environment, and link to content that is mobile friendly. Do your research on formatting images for Facebook’s mobile dimensions. For the best full display in the mobile news feed, size your images to 560 x 292 pixels. In creating images for mobile, use a strong composition with a dynamic central and color idea to rivet attention whenever possible.

Headlines and pull quotes are best shortened for clarity of message when sharing link previews. You want mobile users to get a complete idea, not a chopped up half-thought. Carefully craft crisp copy within posts, riveting readers attention in the first paragraph and enticing them to click through to the full piece if required.

Boost posts enjoying early engagement

Focus on boosting posts that garner the most likes or shares. Before boosting, wait and see if the post heats up, getting engagement. Your readers are most likely to engage when they see a post with a steady stream of likes and shares underway. If a post doesn’t attract attention, it’s unlikely that boosting it will improve it’s performance. Don’t waste time and money looking to salvage an unproductive post. It may resonate with you, but your audience decides if it resonates with them. On the other hand, you may find yourself boosting a post that you considered average or marginal, because it hits a nerve and gets tons of shares and “likes”.

Can your posts pass the share test?

When viewers see you post, will they reach to click the share button? Ideally, you stay focused on creating posts that people want to share. Otherwise, they not likely to attract new users or enhance the relevance or your site.

Ask yourself if the post reaches out to your audience, fulfilling a need, solving a problem or providing desired information. If you offer a solution to a specific problem common in the audience, you’ll hit the nail on the head.

Common attributes of shared posts are that they are visually dynamic, colorful, unusual, enticing, inspiring, and fresh. If they are surprising, let alone stunning or shocking in some way, all the better.