With the crush of social media surrounding us, it’s a real challenge to get your message across, let alone build a devoted, enthusiastic audience. There’s never been so many marketing messages competing for attention. What can you do to build awareness of your brand, let alone generate clicks that convert into a sale or subscriber? Here’s a few tips to help boost traffic and conversion rates.

Create Sustainable Traffic with High-Quality Links

Bottom line, a quality link garners clicks and helps convert visitors to users of your website. If you have a big social media following, you’re ahead of the game, as the social sites enjoy high web authority due to the trust factor.

You can cultivate high quality links by using tools like BuzzSumo, identifying the influencers in your field, connecting with them and encouraging them to mention or link to your site.

Use the “Call to Action”

This is marketing 101, folks. Everyday you see amazing and amusing info bytes as you scroll through social media. But do you click through? Not too often. Many social media marketers fail to use the tried and true “call to action”, where you literally tell users to click, or buy. Okay, it’s brazen. Does it work? Yes.

Another call to action technique is to bait the hook. Grab user attention with a provocative image or thought, but tell them to click through to get the reward, the full story, the answer. Note that inclusion of an image helps rivet attention, but the call to action moves users to click through.

Create Desire with Finely Crafted Headlines

The basic web maxim remains, content is king. Nothing attracts attention like the flow of pertinent, targeted content, and of course it enhances your search-ability on Google.

Extend that focus on quality to creating headlines. Be specific when crafting headlines. For example, “How to Start a T-Shirt Business” becomes “How to Launch a Successful Online T-Shirt Brand”. The second headline targets a distinct group of users and can lead to high-quality links. This high quality content attracts visitors likely to become regular users.

Bringing Lost Users Back with Remarketing

Over time, some users move on and don’t return. They find a new interest or job, or otherwise change their lives and habits. This is normal turnover in the business world, but some users leave because they stop seeing value in your site. Remarketing can refresh your site in their minds, bringing them back to the idea that you’re offering something of superior value.

Remarketing can be simple and direct, for example a discount offer to lost users. Another approach is  targeted advertising aimed at sub-groups within your audience, tracking the results as to what garners the best response.

Employing fresh streams of engaging content can work miracles, such as a promotional ebook or extended blog series. With regard to blogs, staying consistent and posting regularly is like money in the bank when it comes to retaining audience.

Stay Focused

High quality links accrue to you when you provide superior content with compelling headlines along with the call to action. Pay attention to these points and you’ll see increased engagement with your social media posts, boosting your relevance. Visitors become regular users and you build a bond of loyalty and trust with your readership.

Superior content, including targeted headlines, brings them in the door. The call to action engages your users and motivates them to become a regular part of a growing audience.