The About Us page is usually one of the first stops a user makes while navigating your website, but all-too often it gets neglected. In an industry that relies on putting your best face forward, you can’t afford to pass over the one page designed to highlight your brand. If you’re having some trouble refining your page or deciding which features to emphasize, use these tips as broad guidelines.

What Do You Bring to the Table?

Having trouble deciding where to start? Begin by asking yourself what unique skills or services you bring to the table. Keeping your attention on the type of visitors you hope to attract helps greatly in the process.

If your page is sounding more like a resume than an About Us section, try toning down the language. This is your opportunity to really let your personality shine. There’s nothing wrong with adding a bit of sarcasm or humor into the equation.

When in Doubt, Keep It Simple

Your visitors don’t expect to read a Pulitzer worthy piece, but the page should address your brand’s objectives as well as the audience’s challenges.

  • Devote the opening to acknowledging your visitor and their primary difficulties. From there, explain ways in which you can alleviate those problems or concerns.
  • Identify the right balance between selling your brand and addressing your customers. Keeping it simple can mean sticking to the facts, if you’re not comfortable boasting.
  • Hiring a professional can be the best solution. Someone who can embody your brand’s key message while simultaneously maintaining sight of the overarching goal.

Give Your Customers a Voice

Sometimes, there’s no better way to illustrate your brand than to let other people do the talking. Incorporating client testimonials and reviews can add an element of credibility that’s otherwise hard to come by. Studies have proven that individuals place greater value on reviews and testimonials than a company’s own copy.

  • If possible, add photos to accompany testimonials and full names. More details come across as more authentic.
  • Received any awards or accolades? The About Us page is the place to highlight them. For example, if you were awarded the best service in your provider for 2014, include it!

Incorporate Media Elements

There’s no denying that humans are visual creators. Graphs, photos, and other images help us better process information. Not only can you better convey your services or features, but it’ll captivate audience’s attention and make your page more memorable. Some companies like to include timelines of the business’s growth to help visitors become more familiar.

  • Staff photos can make a large corporation seem more personal, although they’re not a necessity.
  • Videos of your business in action help to convey your brand in a dynamic context.

Above all else, the About Us page should reflect your company. Choosing an agency that has not only copywriters on hand but web designers is the ideal route to merge visuals with text. Also, receiving feedback from different members of your team can illuminate places for improvement and tweaks. Review the aforementioned points and gauge your About Page according to our guidelines. Ask yourself if it portrays your brand in the best light and truly conveys the right messages.